In the “How Cool is That!” Department: this very morning, i was looking (for the umpteenth time) for some not-invented-by-me and open/semi-standard way to author event information in an XML format, to be rendered graphically in the form of a timeline. I’d like to record and organize some major events of my life (while i can still remember most of them!) and have a visualization of the results: i’m also interested in expressing genealogical information this way. This time around, i found the Historical Event Markup Language project, which i intend to take a closer look at. It looks promising, and i said to myself at the time “wouldn’t it be cool to create a visual timeline of early Christian history?”.
So tonight, going to the SIMILE project at MIT’s web site, i found something new: their Timeline project, which offers a DHTML widget for making timelines. Check out this very detailed timeline of Jewish and Christian history: you really need a 100″ monitor to get the big picture here! (hint: the top inch or so is a control you grab to scroll the window right and left)