Watch Birds!

Donna put some film inside the kitchen window that works almost like a one-way mirror: you can see out, but things on the outside can’t see in. Then with the addition of a feeder on the outside, you can get a really up-close-and-personal view of some of our backyard birds.

Yellow Finch at the Window Feedar We’ve really enjoyed this chance to see how they eat, and how they scrap with each other when there isn’t enough room at the feeder (this one or the several others we have around the yard). One of our local woodpeckers occasionally pecks at the bricks on the side of the house, which makes a really loud noise! And now that they’ve gotten used to the local buffet, when the feeder runs out, a bird will occasionally come and insistently tap right on the window, as if to say “where’s my dinner?!?”. House Sparrow at the Feeder

Why all this attention to birds? It’s simple: Jesus commanded us to be bird-watchers! Don’t believe me? Check out Matt.6.25: “Look at the birds!” The verb used here, ἐμβλέπω (emblepo), means much more than a passing glance: it suggests a focused gaze, and also the extended sense of thinking carefully about something. In John.1.42, Jesus looks at Peter and gives him the new name Cephas: he’s declaring something about his nature, based on both the look but even more the understanding behind the look. Likewise, the disciples in Acts.1.11 stand looking upwards, no doubt in amazement, as Jesus has ascended to heaven.

Yariguies Brush Finch So yes, we take our bird watching seriously! There’s a lot we can learn from them, and the rest of creation, about God’s provision for all of our needs. Incidentally, a team of naturalists recently discovered an altogether new species of bird in the mountains of Colombia, the Yariguies Brush Finch, and it’s a beauty!