Upcoming Talk at SBL Meeting, and Slidy

There have been quite a few silent weeks at Blogos, not because i have nothing to say, but because things have been busy with some new developments i can’t quite bring out in the open yet. But i want to remind anybody who will be at the Society for Biblical Literature meeting in DC next weekend that i’ll be giving a talk, “Weaving the New Testament into the Semantic Web”. The talk is in group S21-6, at 11AM on Tuesday the 21st: i’ll post the location once i know what it is. This appears to be the last session of the conference, so it may get a little lonely: come and keep me company 🙂

In preparation, i’m plowing through to the next release of New Testament Names, which i hope to put out prior to the talk. This will be the first release with a full set of instance data for people: it will also include geographic data for numerous locations, more detailed documentation and best practices, and several new properties, so i’m excited about it. But there’s no shortcut yet (though i hope this will provide one for those who come after!): it just takes a long time to create this data.

At the same time, i’ve decided to bite the bullet and use Slidy for the presentation. I was frustrated last year that i couldn’t make my presentation a first-class citizen of the web. Like Jon Udell says,

“… sharing a few well-chosen words and pictures with audiences, both during a presentation on a projection screen and afterward on the Web, should require nothing more than the tools and techniques the Web natively affords.”

One of the most appealing aspects of Slidy to me is making the contents of presentations directly addressable: rather than “go here, download the PowerPoint presentation, and check out the great graphic of this on slide 6”, i can just put in a link, or at least i could if last year’s talk were in Slidy (not yet). This is all part of the microformat revolution of unlocking data from the myriad little caves it currently hides in: that’s a main theme of my talk, so it only makes sense to exemplify it with the presentation itself.

I’ll post a follow-up when the slides are available (hopefully before midnight Sunday!).

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  1. The trickiest part is if you want to fiddle with the style: you’ve really got to know CSS to do that (and even though i do, i’m still struggling a bit there). But if all you want to do is reuse the framework, and if you know basics of HTML editing, it shouldn’t be that tough (but then, it always seems that way to geeks!).

    If i can help, drop me an email.

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