Same Spam, Different Day

I had my previous email address for 19 years, long before spam had become the plague it is today: so i freely posted it to newsgroups and like throughout the 90’s. Consequently my email address was sprinkled around the Web, and, no surprise, i got lots of junk email (happily our corporate systems for filtering it have also improved over those years).

When i moved to Logos and got a brand spankin’ new email address, i figured i’d have the chance to leave that exposure behind, and adopt new policies better suited to the new realities of spam. I’m careful about what email i read, who i send to, and what i respond to. I have several junk addresses for high-exposure on-line signups. I’ve tried several tricks to keep spammers from harvesting my address off websites i control (my current favorite is “email to Sean Boisen, [my first name] @” followed by my domain name, figuring only a human would be able to reconstruct that).

I’ve been at Logos for all of 6 weeks now, and today i got my first spam: the typical nondescript subject line with a .gif attachment, probably a virus. It was trapped by our corporate system, happily, and i wouldn’t have opened it anyway. There’s no way to know how it leaked out so soon (i suspect Hotmail/Messenger may be the culprit). But how sad …