If you can read this, you’re doing better than most. Frustratingly, my web site and blog are still fouled up after three weeks following a mistake by my hosting service. I’ve been holding off on more blog posts waiting for them to resolve things, but i’m losing hope. I wish i could say the worst is past, but now i’m a skeptic.

I’ve had good experiences for the past few years with Lunarpages, my provider, but this is just maddening: tech support says “it’s a sys admin issue”, and i apparently have no recourse other than waiting for them to fix things according to whatever timetable they choose. I’d jump ship at this point, but rebuilding elsewhere and administering the databases and third-party applications is more work than i can undertake right now, so i guess they own me for the time being.

Consider this a big negative recommendation for Lunarpages as a hosting service.