Jim asked how he can use CSS to make his bibleref citations not show up in italics, which apparently is how WordPress and Blogger render them by default. Good question, and i’ll add this into the FAQ (it’s always nice to have questions that somebody actually asked!).

If this is your situation, the best short answer is to add

.bibleref { font-style: normal; none; }

to your CSS. That way, all bibleref-marked elements (cite and others) will lose their italics. Of course, there are lots of other ways to do this, including finding the parent styling that’s italicizing cite elements in the first place. But this approach also makes it easy if you want to style your references in some other way.

Two great CSS resources that i can recommend:

  • Get Firebug! I can’t say enough good things about this Firefox add-in that lets you inspect what CSS is being applied applies to text on a given page, and interactively edit it and see the results. How do i ever do CSS editing without this?!? (with a lot of pain, that’s how)
  • If you’re going to do serious CSS work, you’ll want a full reference book like Eric Meyer’s CSS: the Definitive Guide. But for most quick checks, i use W3Schools, a very thorough on-line reference to CSS, XSLT, HTML, etc. I didn’t happen to remember the name of the property that controls italics, but it only took a couple of clicks to find it.

(Update: Thanks to Jacob, who noticed i erroneously put in ‘none’ instead of ‘normal’ for the value of the font-style property. )