If you don’t quite get what microformats are or why anybody would care, here’s a quick way to get to “Aha!”:

You’ll see icons for addresses, contacts, and events, each with a pull-down menu offering appropriate operations. For example, you can map an address, add a contact to your contact list, bookmark an event or save it in your calendar, etc. Even if i don’t necessarily want to add Tantek to my Outlook contacts, this clearly shows how easy these kinds of operations could be. Many web pages are full of little nuggets of useful information, nearly all of which currently require cut-and-paste to some other page to re-use them. Operator gives you a seriously cool look at what the web could do for us beyond just displaying prose and pictures.

I’d love to see somebody who knows how to program Firefox add-ons extend Operator to do the same thing for bibleref markup (along the same lines as Chris Roberts’ WordPress plug-in or the Holy Scripturizer plug-in). This would make it easy to provide a menu of options like looking up the passage at the ESV site, BibleGateway, your favorite Scripture site, or inside Logos Bible Software, for all the embedded Bible references on any web page.