Things have been silent at Blogos for several months now: i needed to take a break and focus more intensely on moving along some of our major data projects at Logos (like the Bible Knowledgebase).

But i’m ready to get back to a more regular blogging schedule, and nothing gets the creative juices flowing like the prospects of another BibleTech conference! The first BibleTech (this past January) was one of the highlights of my year: here’s a list of 2008 speakers, including two presentations by me (you can find links to the slides here, and there’s an MP3 for the Zoomable Bible talk here, though be warned that it’s 150Mb and non-streaming). So i’m really looking forward to the next one, March 28-29 in Seattle.

The call for presentations has gone out, and so i face the dilemma of choosing among lots of different ideas and topics, and deciding what to propose. So many smart people attended the last conference that i’d love to just sit around and talk tech for several days straight, but i probably have to focus on just one or two topics.

So here’s your chance to give me some feedback (and for me to learn whether anybody’s still listening!). I’m planning to blog about some of my presentation ideas in subsequent posts, and i’d love to hear your comments about them. Does the topic make sense? Would you want to hear about it? Is it compelling, relevant, important, “cool”? Is it too obscure, too far out there, too geeky? What can i improve from last year (if you attended one of my talks)? It would really help me to have some feedback on these questions, especially from those who attended last year and therefore have a good feel for what the conference is all about (but i’ll take any comments i can get).

If you’re on Facebook, please join the BibleTech group.

Maybe you should be presenting at BibleTech 2009 too! The call for participation is open until Nov 3, and describes what we’re looking for, so get those abstracts in. And if i happen to mention a topic that you’re interested in presenting on, let me know and then go for it! There’s no shortage of things i’d like to talk about …