MyBibleVersion and Visualization

8037394e-0b4e-11de-88c9-000255111976 ManyEyes visualization of data from MyBibleVersion

MyBibleVersion has a helpful table that rates several modern English Bible translations according to features like functional or formal translation style, readability, was it produced a committee rather than an individual, etc. They provide a simple interface to let you choose which features matter the most to you, and then assign a score to each translation showing how well it lines up with your interests.

Of course, all such scoring has an element of subjectivity, but i still appreciate the fact that they’ve put this data out for others to look at. But i don’t care so much for the interface: it’s a big table of numbers and yes/no values.

So i copied the data over to ManyEyes, where it was a piece of cake to arrange it in a treemap that not only shows the information, but (for me at least) makes it much easier to grasp. Click through to the full image and see if you agree. This particular layout shows larger size for translations ranked higher for personal study, and darker color for transations ranked higher for functional equivalence. You can also re-arrange the treemap to emphasize different features, or drill down to see (in this case) which committee-produced translations were/were not also interdenominational efforts.

I chose this example because i’ve been using the Contemporary English Version for my “read through the Bible in a year” program of personal study, and i’ve really been enjoying the fresh perspective it brings.  (The New Century Version rated high as well, but since that’s targeted at 3rd grade reading level, i think i can safely set my aspirations a little higher.)