BibleTech:2009 Postlude

BibleTech:2009 is past now, and (just like last year) was a great opportunity both to hear new ideas about Bible and technology, but also meet and talk with many others with common interests. The few scattered thoughts i jotted down as i was live-blogging talks certainly don’t do justice to the richness of many of the presentations: so don’t judge the quality of their talks by my quick-take notes.

I’ve got slides from my talk on the Bible Knowledgebase posted now on SemanticBible: the navigational structure above them isn’t in place yet, but you should be able to follow the link directly to get there. Once again, i’ve used Slidy for the presentation, and that process went a little more smoothly this time (which probably just means i’ve gotten better at it). View the source if you want to see how it works.

[Important note: if you were at my talk and wrote down the URL for the slides, i had it wrong. The correct URL is:

Yes, i know that Cool URIs don’t change, which is why i wanted to make this one adjustment before publishing them, so i won’t have to change it in the future.]

At some point there should be audio from the talk posted on the BibleTech site (probably on the BibleTech speakers page, which has links to talks from last year and audio where available). Future Blogos posts on the Bible Knowledgebase will go in my WordPress category of that name (RSS feed here), and will also be tagged with bk if you want to follow along.