Visualizing Holy Week

Holy Week Visualization

I’ve posted an experimental visualization of the events of Holy Week, based on the Composite Gospel Index.

I’d be interested in feedback on the layout: i struggled quite a bit with getting the colored bars to show the quantitative information, but also having links. In particular, i would have liked to have pop-up text on each colored block with the Scripture passage, but i couldn’t figure out a way to do that with RefTagger without actually having the reference text, and that has layout issues for small blocks. No doubt Javascript mavens could do something cooler. But this is done only using XHTML and CSS, so perhaps i get some standards points.

It’s difficult, and sometimes impossible, to determine the precise chronology of the Gospel events, so this is a “best attempt”. I’ve followed the article on Chronology (Libronix link) in IVP’s Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels in placing the Triumphal Entry on Monday (though of course we celebrate it in church on Sunday).