Quick Bible Searches in Firefox

I must not have paying attention, since i don’t remember hearing about this before. But if you use Firefox and look up Bible references, you should pay attention.

Step #1: You can download here a search plugin for Firefox that goes to Bible.Logos.com. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll see something like this in the upper-right corner of your Firefox window.

Bible.Logos.com search plugin for Firefox

Type in a Bible reference (or a word or phrase to search for) and hit return to do the search.

Step #2: What i like even better (which is how i found this in the first place): once you’ve installed the plugin, it adds an item to Firefox’s context (“right-click”) menu. That means if you’re on some random web page, and the author wasn’t thoughtful enough to install RefTagger, you can simply select the text of a reference, right-click, and so a search like this, with no typing required:

Bible.Logos.com plugin: context menu

Just another simple way to reduce the friction in your daily information-seeking …

Update (4/17): i didn’t get the story about #2 above quite right. Turns out that there’s some general feature of Firefox itself that adds the item to the context menu to search the selected text. And this only happens for the one plugin that happens to currently be selected and showing in the upper right! That means it’s not really as helpful as i thought, since you have to always leave the plugin selected to get this behavior.

Of course, other plugins can choose to extend the context menu (as LibX helpfully does, shown clearly in the snapshot above). I thought the Logos plugin did too: apparently not, but i’ll remain hopeful for the future.