Survey: the World of the Bible

The Society of Biblical Literature has received a planning grant to

… develop a website, “The World of the Bible: exploring people, places, and passages.” The site is intended for general audiences and will share scholarly views and encourage critical engagement with the Bible, including its ancient contexts and interpretive legacy.

We encourage you to share this survey with people who are not bible scholars—your students, perhaps, or friends and family. The goal is to gain a diverse representation of our intended audience and to assess their current level of familiarity with and interest in the Bible.

Please feel free to post this link in your blog or webpage.

Here’s the link to the survey: if you’re in their target group, i’d encourage you to give them some feedback. I’ve had some discussion with the principals, who know about Logos’ work on the Bible Knowledgebase (but we don’t have any official role in the project). This could become a useful resource for translating some of the scholarly work on Biblical studies to a wider audience.

(Hat tip: Mike Heiser’s Naked Bible blog)

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