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April 25th, 2011

BibleTech Talk Slides: Using the Bible Knowledgebase For Information Integration

Finally got my slides posted from BibleTech:2011 on Using the Bible Knowledgebase for Information Integration. Since i listened to good advice and went a little more toward graphics than bullet points, they’re not completely self-explanatory (but that’s why you should have come, right?).

Audio will show up too at some point, probably at http://www.bibletechconference.com/speakers.

As i’ve told a few of my colleagues since: giving the talk helped convince me even more strongly that Biblical Events will be a really important database for Bible study. Looking forward to getting it all put together.

April 18th, 2011

Holy Week Visualization

Just in time for Holy Week, which started yesterday with the traditional celebration of Palm Sunday in most Protestant churches … i love this subway-style Holy Week visualization from the folks at BibleGateway.

(I did one two years ago that compares the Gospel descriptions of the different events of Holy Week, though it’s somewhat visually-challenged: Blogos post here).