Visualizing Holy Week with the Composite Gospel


The colored bars indicate how many words are associated with each pericope, and how they're distributed among the four Gospels:

The bars also link to the source text at The titles link to the Composite Gospel page for the pericope (but the indexes are off, so you'll probably have to move forward a few pages to find the matching pericope).


About a quarter of the material in the four Gospels concerns the events of Holy Week. This shows one possible chronology of the events, based on the Composite Gospel Index. While i've tried to represent the chronological sequence when it is indicated, in many other cases the Gospel authors have not provided evidence as to the precise sequence of events, so we simply don’t know. In those cases the sequence just represents the (approximate) order of the texts themselves.

Some other discussion of the chronology can be found in these previous Blogos posts: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.


Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey Mt 21:1-11Mk 11:1-11Lk 19:28-40Jn 12:12-19 Jesus weeps over Jerusalem Lk 19:41-44


Jesus curses a fig tree Mt 21:18-19Mk 11:12-14 Jesus clears the temple again Mt 21:12-17Mk 11:15-17Lk 19:45-46 The religious leaders conspire against Jesus Mk 11:18-19Lk 19:47-48 Jesus explains why he must die Jn 12:20-36 Most of the people do not believe in Jesus Jn 12:37-43 Jesus summarizes his message Jn 12:44-50


Jesus teaches about faith and prayer Mt 21:20-22Mk 11:20-26 The religious leaders challenge Jesus' authority Mt 21:23-27Mk 11:27-33Lk 20:1-8 Jesus tells the parable of the two sons Mt 21:28-32 Jesus tells the parable of the wicked tenants Mt 21:33-46Mk 12:1-12Lk 20:9-19 Jesus tells the parable of the wedding feast Mt 22:1-14 The religious leaders question Jesus about paying taxes Mt 22:15-22Mk 12:13-17Lk 20:20-26 The religious leaders question Jesus about the resurrection Mt 22:23-33Mk 12:18-27Lk 20:27-40 The religious leaders question Jesus about the greatest commandment Mt 22:34-40Mk 12:28-34 Jesus questions the religious leaders about the Christ Mt 22:41-46Mk 12:35-37Lk 20:41-44 Jesus warns against the practices of the religious leaders Mt 23:1-12Mk 12:38-40Lk 20:45-47 Jesus condemns the religious leaders Mt 23:13-36 A poor widow gives all she has Mk 12:41-44Lk 21:1-4 Jesus predicts the destruction of the Temple Mt 24:1-2Mk 13:1-2Lk 21:5-6 Jesus predicts the signs before the end Mt 24:3-8Mk 13:3-8Lk 21:7-11 Jesus predicts persecutions before the end Mt 24:9-14Mk 13:9-13Lk 21:12-19 Jesus tells about the desolating sacrilege Mt 24:15-22Mk 13:14-20Lk 21:20-24 Jesus warns about false Christs and prophets Mt 24:23-28Mk 13:21-23 Jesus tells about his return Mt 24:29-31Mk 13:24-27Lk 21:25-28 Jesus tells the parable of the fig tree Mt 24:32-36Mk 13:28-32Lk 21:29-33 Jesus compares his coming to the days of Noah Mt 24:37-41 Jesus tells about remaining watchful Mt 24:42-44Mk 13:33-37Lk 12:35-40 Jesus warns against not watching for his coming Lk 21:34-36 Jesus tells about the wise and foolish managers Mt 24:45-51Lk 12:41-48 Jesus tells the parable of the ten bridesmaids Mt 25:1-13 Jesus tells the parable of the loaned money Mt 25:14-30 Jesus tells about the final judgment Mt 25:31-46 Jesus teaches daily in the temple Lk 21:37-38 Jesus tells his disciples about his coming crucifixion Mt 26:1-2


The religious leaders plot to kill Jesus Mt 26:3-5Mk 14:1-2Lk 22:1-2 Judas agrees to betray Jesus Mt 26:14-16Mk 14:10-11Lk 22:3-6 Disciples prepare for the Passover Mt 26:17-20Mk 14:12-17Lk 22:7-14 Jesus washes the disciples' feet Jn 13:1-11 Jesus teaches the disciples after washing their feet Jn 13:12-20 Jesus declares that one of the disciples will betray him Mt 26:21-25Mk 14:18-21Lk 22:21-23Jn 13:21-30 Jesus and the disciples have the Last Supper Mt 26:26-29Mk 14:22-25Lk 22:15-20 Jesus teaches about servanthood Lk 22:24-30 Jesus commands the disciples to love one another Jn 13:31-35 Jesus predicts Peter's denial Lk 22:31-34Jn 13:36-38 Jesus is the way to the Father Jn 14:1-14 Jesus promises the Holy Spirit Jn 14:15-31 Jesus teaches about the vine and the branches Jn 15:1-17 Jesus warns about the world's hatred Jn 15:18-16:4 Jesus teaches about the Holy Spirit Jn 16:5-15 Jesus tells the disciples their sorrow will turn to joy Jn 16:16-22 Jesus teaches about using his name in prayer Jn 16:23-28 Jesus predicts that the disciples will be scattered Jn 16:29-33 Jesus prays for himself Jn 17:1-5 Jesus prays for his disciples Jn 17:6-19 Jesus prays for future believers Jn 17:20-26 Jesus tells the disciples to prepare for his arrest Lk 22:35-38 Jesus and the disciples go to the Mount of Olives Mt 26:30-30Mk 14:26-26Lk 22:39-39Jn 18:1-1 Jesus again predicts Peter's denial Mt 26:31-35Mk 14:27-31 Jesus agonizes in the garden Mt 26:36-46Mk 14:32-42Lk 22:40-46 Jesus is betrayed and arrested Mt 26:47-56Mk 14:43-50Lk 22:47-53Jn 18:2-11 The last follower runs away naked Mk 14:51-52 Jesus is bound and taken to Annas Jn 18:12-14 Peter denies knowing Jesus a first time Jn 18:15-18 Annas questions Jesus Jn 18:19-24 Caiaphas questions Jesus Mt 26:57-68Mk 14:53-65 Peter denies knowing Jesus Mt 26:69-75Mk 14:66-72Lk 22:54-62Jn 18:25-27 Jesus' captors mock him Lk 22:63-65


The council of religious leaders condemns Jesus Mt 27:1-2Mk 15:1-1Lk 22:66-23:1Jn 18:28-28 Judas kills himself Mt 27:3-5 The chief priests use Judas' money to buy a field Mt 27:6-10 The religious leaders accuse Jesus before Pilate Mt 27:11-14Mk 15:2-5Lk 23:2-2Jn 18:29-32 Pilate questions Jesus Lk 23:3-3Jn 18:33-37 Pilate answers the religious leaders Lk 23:4-5 Jesus stands trial before Herod Lk 23:6-12 Pilate answers the religious leaders a second time Mt 27:15-21Mk 15:6-11Lk 23:13-19Jn 18:38-40 Jesus is flogged Jn 19:1-3 The crowd calls for crucifixion Mt 27:22-22Mk 15:12-13Lk 23:20-21Jn 19:4-7 Pilate questions Jesus again Jn 19:8-11 Pilate hands Jesus over to be crucified Mt 27:23-26Mk 15:14-15Lk 23:22-25Jn 19:12-16 Roman soldiers mock Jesus Mt 27:27-31Mk 15:16-20 Simon of Cyrene carries Jesus' cross Mt 27:32-32Mk 15:21-21Lk 23:26-26 Jesus speaks to those who follow and mourn Lk 23:27-32 Jesus is crucified Mt 27:33-37Mk 15:22-26Lk 23:33-34Jn 19:17-27 Jesus is mocked on the cross Mt 27:38-44Mk 15:27-32Lk 23:35-38 A criminal asks Jesus to remember him Lk 23:39-43 Jesus dies on the cross Mt 27:45-54Mk 15:33-39Lk 23:44-48Jn 19:28-37 Women watch the crucifixion from a distance Mt 27:55-56Mk 15:40-41Lk 23:49-49 Jesus is laid in the tomb Mt 27:57-61Mk 15:42-47Lk 23:50-56Jn 19:38-42


Guards are posted at the tomb Mt 27:62-66


Some women find the tomb empty Mt 28:1-7Mk 16:1-8Lk 24:1-7Jn 20:1-1 The women tell the disciples of the empty tomb Lk 24:8-11Jn 20:2-2 Peter and John go to the empty tomb Lk 24:12-12Jn 20:3-9 Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene Mk 16:9-11Jn 20:10-18 Jesus appears to the women Mt 28:8-10 The religious leaders bribe the guards Mt 28:11-15 Jesus appears to two believers traveling on the road Mk 16:12-13Lk 24:13-35 Jesus appears to the disciples behind locked doors Lk 24:36-43Jn 20:19-23