The Zoomable Bible: Getting the Big Picture

Sean Boisen, <[myfirstname]>
BibleTech:2008, Seattle WA Jan 2008
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"Man cannot understand without images;
the image is a similitude of a corporeal thing,
but understanding is of universals which are to be abstracted from particulars."
- Thomas Aquinas
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A Brief History of Bible Visualization

A Brief History, Part 2: Bible Software

screenshot of Logos Bible Software

Inspirations 1: Manuscript Study

Inspirations 2: Treemaps


Inspirations 3: Zoomable Interfaces

Information Visualization 101

Information Visualization 102

Bible Information

Bible Visualization is Different

Traditional Bible Navigation

The Dimensionality of Bible Visualization

A Different Approach to Bible Visualization

Related Applications

frequency graph of word search: Moses, David, Jesus

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Logos Graph Search Results example
The mantra: provides overview, no zoom or filter, details on demand but only on a separate canvas

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Bible book browser
The mantra: provides overview, though no zoom or filter, and details on demand

Zoomable Bible: Key Concepts

Zoomable Bible Layout


Further Development

Alternate Layouts

Further Thoughts


Resources and References

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