Bibleref Designators

Standard Designators

Processors MUST recognize the standard names and abbreviations for Bible books and versions from the OSIS 2.1.1 standard, which largely follow the SBL Manual of Style. This includes both content enclosed by an element with the bibleref class attribute, and the title attribute.

Version Designators

Internationalized Designators

Processors MAY support references in languages other than English. If a processor supports for a given language, it MUST recognize the designators listed for that language, but only for content whose language is clearly identified. Processors MAY recognize the following designators even if the language content is not identified, provided there is no conflict with the standard designators.

Please contribute content for this section if you can, either designators for the languages listed, or for additional languages. The preferred format for contributions is an HTML table with two columns, the first listing abbreviations, and the other listing the full canonical book name in English.

French (lang="fr")

German (lang="de")

Italian (lang="it")

Spanish (lang="es")