Scripture Indexes in OPML

OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) is an XML format designed by Dave Winer of Radio Userland. It’s a lightweight XML structure meant for simple outlines that promotes sharing and hyperlinking. The Radio Userland weblogging tool also incorporates some nice OPML features, like an outline-based editor and automatic rendering and publishing mechanisms.

I wrote an XSL transformation to convert my Scripture indexes into an OPML format, sans the text of the verse itself (but hyperlinked to the ESV site). For the imperatives of Jesus from Luke’s Gospel, here’s the OPML version that corresponds to this XML version.

This is really only relevant if you already have some OPML tools at hand: otherwise it’s just another format for the same information. I’m still learning about the benefits of OPML, but (given appropriate tools) it allows others to “subscribe” to these files. Since things always change, that might be a benefit. It doesn’t directly expose all the attributes in the Radio Userland tool (like the scope, whether it’s implicit, or who the imperative was directed to), though you can find them through a right-click and selecting Debug (though that seems like a curious interface). But like i said, i’m still learning…