The Composite Gospel Index

Current Version

View an index of the pericopes. The pericope titles are each linked to pages which display the source text, along with hyperlinks to other pericopes in sequence order, and their original Gospel order.

The Composite Gospel in RDF View the Composite Gospel in RDF. This file does not have any verse content. Depending on your browser configuration, you may only see a few lines of text: use Save Link As to save a copy of the file to your local filesystem, and then view it with an editor to see the RDF content.

The Composite Gospel in XML, version 1.2View the Composite Gospel in XML (version 1.2). This file does not have any verse content.

Legacy Versions

Browse the Composite Gospel Index. Click on the gray areas to the left to show and hide the source texts from the Revised Standard Version. This large file (800k) may take a few moments to open on slower connections. (Thanks to Jesse at Waileia for fixing my Javascript to make this cross-browser compatible!)

Download Note
This is a single HTML file that you can download to your local system and view offline if you wish.

View an inverted index that maps references from the Gospels to their corresponding pericope.

XML documentThe Composite Gospel Index (version 1.0).

XML documentView the XML Schema Definition (.xsd file ).