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Hyper-Concordance Code

This page is under active construction.

You can download the code and build your own hyper-concordance, either for local use or to make available to others on the Web.

Space requirements
The program generates static HTML pages for each word. The resulting files require approximately 80Mb of disk space.

The Hyper-Concordance is coded in Perl, and the display uses XHTML and CSS. To use the code, you need a New Testament encoded according to the OSIS 1.5 standard. This site uses the English Standard Version: i hope in the future this translation and others will be freely available in OSIS format.

OSIS version
I have not tried this code with newer versions of OSIS, though i expect to do so as more OSIS-encoded texts become available.
The code and data files assume an English translation. However, there's nothing about the general approach that is language-specific, and i plan to release other versions in the future.

Download a .zip file with all the code.

List of "stopwords" that are omited from the Hyper-concordance for space purposes.

List that maps inflected forms back to their baseforms.