NTN Development Roadmap

Phase 1

The initial release includes classes and properties for the ontology, and all the instances, appropriately categorized into class.

Released 2004 Apr 01.

Phase 2

The goal of Phase 2 is to add initial relationship data, generally taken from the immediate context in which names occur, and to enable parallel development of a search application. Activities:

  • add alternative labels (names) for instances of Human (e.g. "John Mark" as another name for Mark).
  • add properties for other Human relationships: childOf/parentOf, spouseOf.
  • add a brief description for Human instances where appropriate
  • specify membership in BeliefGroup
  • add a ministry role where appropriate
  • add properties for nativePlace(Of) and residentPlace(Of)
  • separate instance data from the ontology specification

The 2005/09 release is an incomplete point release for this phase.

Phase 3

The goal of Phase 3 is to add Scripture references, exhaustively when feasible, and incorporate more detailed information about Paul's missionary journeys.

  • add visitedPlace(Of) data

Phase 4

The goal of Phase 4 is to include additional geographic information (latitude and longitude), as well as consulting and referencing additional standard works like Smith's, Easton's, ISBE, etc. Another option is to add variant name spellings from the KJV to support automated or semi-automated integration of other KJV-based resources. This is the final phase envisioned for the NTNames.

NT Entities

The next step beyond NT Names is to incorporate other Humans mentioned (but not named): the Gerasene demoniac, the Samaritan woman at the well, etc. Once this is accomplished, every referenced human in the New Testament will have a unique identifier as well as other attributes and relationship information.