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Weaving the New Testament into the Semantic Web

Sean Boisen, <[myfirstname]>
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Society for Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, November 20 2006


Semantic Web in the News

New York Times article on the Semantic Web

Key Concepts for the Semantic Web

Web Ontology Language (OWL)

The Semantic Web Process

Semantic Web and Text Markup

Semantic Web Tools

Example: Geodata Integration

<name>Antipatris</name> …

Google Earth Visualization

The Integration Problem

A Semantic Web Solution

New Testament Names: a Semantic Knowledgebase

New Testament Names (2)

New Testament Names: Classes

Graphic of the ontology for region

New Testament Names: Properties

New Testament Names: Instances

An Integration Example: Connecting the Composite Gospel and NTN

Extending NTN

Other OWL Applications for Bible scholars

What else besides New Testament Names?

Some Possible Objections (and Responses)

An Invitation to Broader Participation


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