Using a Controlled Vocabulary for Managing a Digital Library Platform

Presented June 23 at 2010 Semantic Technology Conference

Encyclopedias and other subject-oriented reference books frequently present the same content using different names, and users often look for this information using other names altogether. The Libronix Controlled Vocabulary (LCV) organizes parallel but distinct content in the domain of Biblical studies to integrate reference information and support search, discovery, and knowledge management.

The LCV captures:

The initial version of the LCV (now shipping in the Logos digital library platform) comprises some 11,000 terms and continues to grow as more reference works are added. It also provides the backbone of, a website for user contributions to terminology and content.

This session will describe the building of the LCV, how we’re using it now, and how we plan to use and extend it in the future.

Slides (PowerPoint)