From 0 to Website in 60 Minutes - With Django

Presented April 24, 2010 at LinuxFest Northwest

This talk will take you step-by-step through building a database-backed website from scratch using Django, one of the most popular Python-based web application frameworks. It's really possible to go from start to finish in less than an hour. Django is designed to make common web-development tasks fast and easy. With a clean separation between data model, logical operations, and HTML display (using a templating language), Django is justly described as "the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines." Our example project will be a website providing information about local farms, the foods they sell, and their seasons, the current shared project for the Whatcom Python Users Group ( You'll want to have a basic to intermediate knowledge of Python: no knowledge of Django is assumed. If you want to play along on your own machine, come with Python 2.x, Django (, and an appropriate database installed.

Slides (HTML)

MP3 Audio of the talk (64 kbps)

Zipped file of Django demonstration code and data