OpenBible.Info and the Long Zoom

Following on my Powers of Ten Day post, posts about the Long Zoom which, somewhat to my embarrassment, takes one of my abstracts for the upcoming Bible Technology Conference and runs with it. The embarrassment comes because the post goes much farther than i’ve had a chance to (and says a lot of things better than i can).
I hope to get my own post on the topic out soon: but in the meantime, i want to both point to and briefly comment on this one.

The post correctly credits Steven Johnson’s NY Times article with the phrase “Long Zoom.” I first came across it listening to his talk at the Long Now Seminar (MP3), which (zooming farther back) i started following after reading Stewart Brand’s Clock of the Long Now (i was tickled to get a comment on my post from the man himself). If anybody ought to have the Big Picture and a Long Now, it should be the Church, and at this stage in my life i find myself searching for them more and more. So i’m keenly interested in visualizations that bring more of this perspective to studying the Bible.

I hadn’t seen OpenBible’s Bible Word Locator yet (oops), but, along with the Bible Book Browser, these tools for visualization and navigation start to give a sense of what it might be possible if we could easily move from macro to micros views of Scripture. More about this to come …