Integrating Greek and English Digital Resources

Presented November 19, 2007 at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature

(slightly modified from the original): Common corpora and data standards help advance research, by providing a shared focus for researchers and elevating the baseline from which investigation begins. Several digital resources specifically designed for GNT study (for example, the Louw-Nida lexicon, the Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament, and the ESV English-Greek reverse interlinear) can be usefully integrated with other English resources and corpora to provide benefit to English-speaking Bible students as well. The main example examined is WordNet, a semantic lexicon. The resulting hybrids may also be more broadly useful for the study of other Hellenistic corpora, and may point toward the development of new resources for Biblical scholarship. This paper will briefly overview some of these digital resources, and describe ongoing work at Logos Research Systems to integrate them. The paper will also propose several practical steps to facilitate greater integration of resources from the community of biblical scholars with those from the computational linguistics community.

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