Deploying Semantic Technologies for Digital Publishing: A Case Study from Logos Bible Software

Presented May 24, 2007 at the Semantic Technology Conference

This talk describes an effort at Logos Research Systems to build a semantic knowledgebase encompassing general background information about entities and relationships from the Bible (one of the world's most popular collections of information). The scope includes people, places, belief systems, ethnic attributes, social roles, as well as family and other inter-personal relationships, places visited, etc. This Bible Knowledgebase (BK) will be used to support knowledge discovery and visualization in both desktop and web-server configurations for Logos' products. It will also provide an integration framework for Logos' substantial digital library (more than 7000 titles from over 100 different publishers). The project is a good example of what it takes to move a real-world, knowledge-intensive application into a Semantic Web framework.

Some interesting technical aspects of the work:

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