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This site is built using Apache Forest, a simple website publishing scheme based on XML content and validation. Additions to the site are generally logged in a change log. There is a separate RSS 1.0 Feed RSS 1.0 feed (part of the Blogos weblog) that announces major new releases.

About SemanticBible

SemanticBible shares resources to help people study, understand, and apply the Scriptures. It creates new applications of markup, web technology, and linguistic analysis to give fresh perspectives and open up new possibilities for using the Bible in the Digital Age.

This is a non-commercial site, and everything here is freely available for you to use, download, and share. See our License for additional details.

The Logo

The horizontal arrows in the foreground represent structured relationships, primarily between words and meaning. For example, the Hyper-concordance links words to their occurrences in the text. The Composite Gospel Index connects texts in the different Gospels to a common structure. SemanticBible logo

In the background is a vertical arrow, symbolizing our relationship to God. Technical information and understanding about the Bible is of no value unless it results in transformed lives, which is the ultimate purpose of this endeavor.


Links with this image, or one of the data file icons below, point to content that is either outside the SemanticBible site or not integrated into the overall site navigation. All such links open up a new browser window.

OWL data designates a data file in OWL, the Ontology Web Language.

RDF data designates a data file in RDF, the Resource Description Framework.

XML data designates a data file in XML.